USB4MAC is a customization company that has been around for several years and this reason, we are very qualified and skilled in everything that we do. Due to our many years in the business, we have worked with very many customers including companies and organizations which have given us a lot of experience. We know the importance of treating our customers’ right, and that is why we have put a lot of investment in training and staff as well as the technology that we use to ensure we deliver the very best. At our firm, we know how important it is to have the right kind of marketing and advertising strategy. Through customization, we can provide different business with ideal kind of custom-made technology devices such as USBs and chargers. Our customization process has proven to be one of the best in ensuring that you get the best as a business.

Our Unique Process

When you approach us, we will take the time to fully understand your needs so ta we can provide you with the best kind of services. The type of branding solution that will be used for your business need will depend on the product and material that will be used. We offer a different kind of customization process. Once you get in touch with us, you will be able to choose from the following type of methods that we use:

Screen printing – This is a common type of methods used for branding. It entails the use of stencil or porous fabric to create sharp-edged images. Screen printing is ideal for materials or devices that will need a logo with one to four colors.

Photo Printing – This is a method that can be used for logos and graphics that will need the use of different colors. Depending on your needs, our technicians will decide whether photo printing is the best option for your custom-made technology device.

Laser Engraving – Another method that can be used for customization is laser engraving. This is a method that is perfect for branding those products that will need solid areas of engraving. Laser engraving ensures that there is a precise and clean finish.

Embossing – This involves the use of the leather material. The logo will be impressed on the leather material giving it a unique 3D effect. This is a method that is ideal for large logos that do not have numerous details.

These are some of the options of customization options that you have when you come to USB4MAC.